makes it easy
to supercharge
your credentials with blockchain

and you don't have to be a tech-wizz to use it!

See how it works

Issuer issues your credentials

That might be your company, university or a governmental institution, or possibly even your peers!

Chertero makes your certificate verifiable, using blockchain

No worries, the technology does all the magic making it evident if someone tried to forge your credentials

You have your credentials always with you, and in your control

All your credentials are there with you, in the mobile wallet. You decide with whom you share those.

PS. If you lose you wallet, worry not, you can restore all your hard-earned certificates in a few different ways

Share your hard-earned credentials, at your discretion

Easily share your credentials across social networks, or as JSON files.

Others can verify your credentials, with a click

Easily share your credentials with others, where it will go through cryptographic verification, making even tiniest changes evident.

PS. You also have freedom to check and verify others' credentials yourself, too!

Chertero- All you need from credentials

  • Easily verifiable, digitally-native
  • Customizable templates
  • Credentials are always in your full control
  • Supercharged with blockchain

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